Smart Shopping in Mumbai

Published: 21st June 2011
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There are no get it all shopping zones in any city and Mumbai is no different. Every different occasion warrants a different shopping location. You cannot buy yourself a stitched to perfection office wear in the flee markets and one would be fool to rummage high end boutiques for the street smart, hippie inspired clothing. Mumbai is a shopper’s paradise but smart shopping is a whole different ball game. What you need is a head start on the various ongoing as well as upcoming discounts and sales. You need to know where avant garde fashion is prevalent and where you shall only come across a redundancy. An insight into upcoming designers that offer innovative interpretation of style in their clothing but do not burn holes in your pocket can prove to be extremely beneficial.

The internet has come to the fore with aim to facilitate such smart shopping. An online search can provide snap shots of the collections from various designers across India and don’t doubt if it’s informative or not. The photos also supply the details of the shops too. You can also visit web portals dedicated to shopaholic ventures and search within neatly segregated various segments which deal with clothing, accessories, hair and beauty and the ilk. Visiting such sites takes a whole load of work off you. A click away and you know what the best in the city is, thereby aiming you for both the casual shopping day out and the I-am-looking-for-a-specific-piece shopping.

Over the internet you can avail information on exact locations of boutiques, stores, and markets, contact details of shopping destinations, operating hours you are looking to visit, parking availability around those stores, payment options, and even the USP of some certain stores.

Ethnic wear, such as salwaar kameez and Indian jewellery have a different charm altogether and are also extensively covered by the shopping communities online. What you need is a singular, one-stop-for-all-shopping-advice portal that can advice everyone from trendy and super stylish teenagers to the conservative Marathi mulgis, the professional as well as the bohemian. One needs to understand that you cannot be a smart shopper until and unless you use all the information you can get on shopping in Mumbai, online or otherwise.

So be the smart shopper that can find just about everything in this city of fashion and employ all the street buying wisdom you can garner over a sensible online wardrobe. Happy Shopping!

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